Why are these communities coming together to host a Cancer Research Charity Tournament?

One donation = one shared tango. By donating to these charities, you’re aiding in research to bring greater clarity on how the disease works and on how it can be treated and cured.

General Tournament information:

  • Tournament starts November the 6th at 19:45 UTC. One Dotamasterrace team will get direct invite. 15 Other teams will be randomly chosen from the signup sheet. For more information, please refer to this google spreadsheet. Information on how to sign up is there.
  • The DotATV ticket is on the Steam workshop. The tournament will be free to spectate in the dota client.
  • Teams will be able to use DMR hosted methods of communication during the games such as our teamspeak and mumble servers.
  • All proceeds through donations will be logged into a white paper. This paper will then be publicly available for criticism and to ensure transparency.
  • For further contact, please visit the appropriate pages or contact the Tournament director Adam Hanzel using:
    • adam_hanzel@utexas.edu
    • twitter: @dotamasterrace
    • in teamspeak: ts.dotamasterrace.com
    • on skype: moartuba