Cancer Research Institute


“Extend the lives of cancer patients and reduce cancer-related deaths by fueling the development of a new class of smarter, more effective treatments that mobilize our body’s natural immune defenses against all types of cancer.”

Cancer Research Institutes Mission Statement:

  • Changing the face of cancer treatment isn’t easy. It takes time, money, an increasingly demanding level of expertise, and an enormous amount of hard work. But when you are passionate like we are about conquering cancer, you’ll do whatever it takes.
  • We are motivated by a very simple but important scientific fact: the human body has the ability to defend itself from cancer. Our founding scientists believed that the key to longterm survival lay in learning how to manipulate the immune system to strengthen its defenses against cancer. We set out more than 60 years ago not only to prove this could be done, but also to do something with this knowledge that would truly help cancer patients.


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