CONCERN Foundation

concern foundation

“CONCERN FOUNDATION for Cancer Research was founded by 15 Los Angeles couples in 1968 upon learning their friend, Beverly Wolman, was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the young  age of 35. After Beverly’s passing, the 15 couples had one goal: “CONquer canCER Now”, an acronym that exemplifies CONCERN’s mission to the day.”

What causes a person’s natural immune system to break and allow inactive cancer cells to become active?

This question is as relevant today as it was in 1968. The quest for an answer fueled the group to raise additional funds to support immunology research. They envisioned a larger-than-life event to recruit new donors – an event different in scope from what any organization had done thus far. From this notion was born the Block Party, which today has become our signature fundraiser and brings in over $1.5 Million in one night to fund immunology research. We also serve our local community of Los Angeles with multiple events a year to benefit children with cancer and their families. By hosting events at Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures, it is our goal to make sure kids with cancer have fun and create lasting memories with their families and restore a sense of normalcy while battling or having survived cancer. Today, CONCERN FOUNDATION has raised and granted $55 Million to cancer research and funded over 700 immunology researchers worldwide.

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