Get Involved

General Inquires

If you would like to be involved and help organizing the tournament, making graphics or art, or anything you feel you could offer to the communities that are hard at work, please follow the appropriate steps in this google word document.

Requested help

  • Artists
    • If you have any desire to get public recognition for your work, you can submit it via any of the contact methods available on the about page.
    • We’re looking for talented artists that can produce work that is suited for intertitles, countdowns, introductions, team graphics, etc.
  • Game Admins and VOIP Admins
    • Game admins sit in the game lobbies and make sure that if technical issues arise, that both teams follow the player rulebooks in relation to pauses, substitutes, etc.
    • VOIP Admins sit in the teamspeak/Mumble servers and make sure the teams are comfortable and ready to play.
    • More information is available in the google word document described above.
  • Caster
    • If you would like to cast, there are always positions open. Contact Adam at the contact references on the about page to sign up to cast.